Commissioned Art

Custom art born of the northwest


A wooden selfie of you, family or loved ones and even your favorite celebrity are some of the most personal paintings I make.

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National parks, your favorite vacation or the local beauty in your own back yard can be made into custom wooden paintings.


Pet portraits, wild animals in nature and endangered  species are some of my all time favorite paintings to see come to life.

Unique to You

Commissioned art offers the chance to create a piece that is not only entirely unique, but one that has special significance to you. I use a collaborative process to transform your favorite experiences into beautiful works of reclaimed art. From portraits to pets, landscapes to still life, your one of a kind creation will help tell your story for generations to come.

The Process

So how does this work?

Commissioned wooden paintings can be 100% original designs or designs inspired by art in my portfolio.

The first step is to fill out the contact form below. You can tell me about your painting ideas budget and desired materials

You can upload a picture or I am happy to help you find options of photos we can use

How much will my piece cost?

There are many factors that go into pricing including size and dimension, scope and difficulty of the project as well as materials used. While every piece is different, here are some general pricing guidelines:

Smaller landscapes and animals start around $2k-5k

Larger landscapes and animals start around $5k-10k

Wooden Portraits start at $10k

Large commercial projects for hotels, restaurants, bars and office and public space are welcomed. Pricing upon request.

Do you require a deposit?

When we choose to move forward with the proposed painting I would collect a down payment between 50-100% with the remainder due at delivery or before shipping if required. In some cases a full deposit will be required.

How long will it take?

Right now commission orders are taking between 3-6 months. A firm finish date will be set once agreement is made.

Can I use my own wood?

When possible, I love including wood with historical or personal significance. Deconstructed buildings, family heirlooms or wood from a special tree all make good sources of reclaimed wood. If this is something important to you, please be sure you mention it upfront so I can plan and advise you if I will be able to utilize the wood you have.

How big (or small) can my piece be?

The size of a commissioned painting will depend on how detailed the subject is.

Portraits usually need to be at least 24” wide to show the details and could be made much larger also.

Typical large commissioned landscape painting would be 48-72” wide but I can make pieces as large as full walls or larger commercial designs as well. Smaller pieces would be around 36” wide.

My animal paintings vary in size based on species and the image used.

Will you frame my piece?

Yes I can build a reclaimed wood frame for most paintings.

What does the shipping cost?

Free delivery and installation is covered in the local Portland/Vancouver area. On orders that require shipping the costs will be calculated and collected  before your painting ships

Do you ship overseas?

Yes on a case by case bases. Let me know and I can look up your address and see if I can ship to you.

Have an idea for a wooden painting? Tell me more!


  • Max. file size: 500 MB.